Friday, November 15, 2013

It's been a while!

Well it's almost thanksgiving time and I've been horrible about posting! So sorry about that!
Since last time a wrote a lot has happened!  My infection is still here. Very painful. We are going up a couple of days before thanksgiving to slc to wt more test done and that crap! 
Then a lot of good things have happens!! I got asked to senior ball royalty by one of my friends I'm so stoked! It's this coming Saturday actually! Man crazy! 
Then just this week on Monday I was woken up at five and I was told it took me a while to wake me up...  I'm a dead sleeper nothing can wake me up! But anywas back to the reason I was woken up! The exec girls came and kidnapped me for senior ball royalty! So that was fun and that assembly will be this Thursday. So I'm a little bit busy this week. 
But life has been hard with the infection coming back and all. Seriously wish someone had the answers! And I know Heavenly Father does but I want them right now! So that's frustrating but other than that crap life has been great! 
Ill honestly try to be better about writing I just haven't been feeling good at all with the infection and I've been super busy! But I'll be better! Well yeah short post sorry bout that. Feel like it should be longer but I really don't have anything else to say! 
 I'll leave it here! 
Night everyone!!
My favorite ears and my favorite earrings that my football team gave me!