Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The holidays have only begun

  Today starts the day of all my family coming for Christmas! First arrival is my sister from Minnesota Ali with her two little boys! So excited to see them! Then Jami is coming down from up north. Tomorrow is what really is exciting though! My sister is coming home from her mission!!! 18 months have sure flown by and I'm so excited to pick her up! She arrives at the St. George airport at 5:51 countdown is going on the phone:) needless to say I'm excited to see my family, it gets lonely being the only one here. 
  But what is Christmas really about? Yeah we know it's about Christ but do we remember that as we spend tons of money on buying Christmas presents? 
Do we remember the sacrifice as we wrap each present and wait for Christmas to come ever nearer? Yes I admit I don't always remember what Christmas is all about but in church we read the story of the candy cane. The hook is the shepherds crook then if you turn it upside down it look like a J representing Jesus. The red stripes represent the suffering and bleeding that he did for us on the cross. The white represent the cleansing that he went through in order to be resurrected. 
We all have to remember what Christmas is really about and why we celebrate it. Think about the Saviour and what he has done for you this Christmas season. Write down a list of everything you are grateful for that has happened this past year. It's hard but so worth it! 
Merry Christmas and happy New Years! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Royalty and other adventures!

  So royalty! In short the assembly went great! It was so much fun! Then the dance was so much fun! And then crowning! I won!! And my friend Cameron roos won also! It was so much fun but I'm glad it over! It was really fun well it lasted! 
   Great news though! We found the problem to all my pain!! I have a syst in my face where my ear canal should be! It's in the soft tissue so that explains why it wasn't in the bone! So this past Friday I had a test done to see if it's operable or whatever. And the syst is a lot bigger then we thought so the operation is an option but we want to try this thing where they shoot some medication into it so it shrinks and heals on itself. So that my great news! The operation is such a dangerous one that we want to try this medication stuff first and if this doesn't work then we do operation. 
  Happy holidays! It's about to get crazy this next two weeks. I'm already horrible at writing regularly but I'll be really horrible with the holidays coming. Which means family! Oh my sister gets home from her mission in 9 days!! I'm getting so excited! Well I gotta pack for my choir tour! So I'll sign off! Thanks for reading and happy holidays!! 
Me and my date Caleb for senior ball!