Monday, September 30, 2013

Better late than never right?

  Sorry it's been a whole life is denfinatly hectic for me lately! I have school, hair school, then either work or doctors. That's my life! I love it but I hardly get time to rest! 
  Well it's almost Tuesday where I'm at right now and I know I said last week I would do tribute Tuesday but I'm dining it now.
   So this person is pretty amazing she has had such a impact on my life. And honestly we haven't known eachother for that long but I kinda knew we were gonna become best friends:) I have a lot of really close friends but would any of them make random Walmart stops with you or go on a adventure just because we are bored? Nope I didn't think so! That what's make this girl so amazing!! Plus I love quoting her to my Facebook friends:) yes Corrina if you are reading this it's about you!!
Seriously people I love this girl so much!! I don't even remeber how we became best friends it just kinda happened! We used to go to Walmart evade we were bored and we would just play in the toy isle and get superman cups and stuff:) Corrina we need to go again we haven been in forever! 
   One of my favorite things to do is quote Corrina on Facebook I hope she doesn't mind it because it makes my whole day better!! 
   No matter if I'm having a bad day because someone is pissing me off or if I'm in the greatest mood, I just love seeing this girl!! She always make my day so much brighter no matter what with all the laughs and talks inbetween classes it's amazing that we actually get to class sometimes:) honestly I don't know what I would do without this girl!! 
   Well Corrina:) I just love you so much!! Love our friendship and you! I love coming to school knowing that I'll see your face!! And I'm so excited for this weekend!!! It's gonna be boss!! ( for those who don't know a few of our girlfriends and i are going up to SLC to watch General Conference live! So excited!!) I can't wait for the rest of our senior year and all the things we have to complete on our bucket list before we graduate!! I just love you so much and yeah you're just fabulous;) 

This picture explains us so well!! Homecoming night with the bestie! The only way to go!! Love you Corrina!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013


   This week has been crazy busy so that's why I haven't had a chance to post.
    But I started hair school and I am just loving it! I've learned so much already! I can't wait to actually start cutting and colouring. It'll be so much fun! 
   Okay so I am a special needs mutual counsellor so every Thursday I get to go and spend time with people with different needs, honestly My first week was a little nerve racking but now that I kind have gotten into the groove of it all I'm loving it. The people there are so sweet I just love them! There spirits are so sweet and pure. In fact my original person hasn't shown up for two weeks:( but I have a new person now and she is so funny I can't stop laughing when I'm around her! 
So I'm loving this part of my life.
   Life has been crazy busy but so much fun:) 
   Last week Mr. Cuff, my health teacher asked me to do a presentation on my life and how attitude affects everything and what I believe has helped me through everything. I shared a lot of things and it's  made me want to do more inspiration speaks. I mean I just fell in love with sharing my story! I hope I did a good job because I thought I did a pretty good dang job! I'll see if I can post the slides that I used. 
   Guys I'm about dead on my feet from exhaustion so I'm gonna have to quick even though it's a totally random post and nothing really makes sense.
Sorry! Night guys!! 
I'm gonna do a tribute Tuesday on Tuesday obliviously so beware for who is gonna be on! 
First day of hair school!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


   So tonight was the night that they showed the KSL interview for my ears!! 
Sorry this is so short but I'm tired and it's almost midnight! But here is the link! Enjoy!
Night! Feel free to leave comments or whatever! 
Thanks guys for all the support you've given me through 
Throughout this!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

September is here!

   Well school is starting to feel routine, classes already getting boring. Homework not that bad yet. I feel September coming on:) also fall which is my favourite time of year!! Football season, sweaters, boots, leaves changing colours. I love it all!!! 
  So nothing really is happening except my knee problem. I get the MRI results tomorrow so we will see what has to be done there. 
   Life is treating me fairly good so far:) I start hair school in a week an one day! Super excited for that!! Like I said before school is getting routine for me. Life is just great right now:) 
    I know I haven't been very good at updating but I have a busy life too so I have to take care of other business before I update, sorry if you want stories you gotta let me live so I can create the stories. 
   Oh perfect one for this week! So Yesterday I was pretty busy had to go to powder puff practice (girls football), see how the yard sale was going for my dad's work, and get car washed (which never happened). So on my way home after checking the yard sale I was driving and I saw this thing laying by the curb, I realised it was a puppy! So anyone who knows me knows that of course I would pull over and check it out! Well this little gal wasn't hurt or anything so I brought her home. Praying that mom wouldn't kill me. Gave her some water and some food. Then when mom got home she almost killed me but obliviously I lived! So anyways she didn't want to keep her and ill be honest I was a little sad but I understood because we already have a dog and a cat and my mom doesn't really like them. So we took her to a place called PAWS and she is over there till tomorrow where she will go to the no kill shelter! So I hope she lives a long and happy life:) she probably would have died if I hadn't stopped. I kind of have a soft spot for animals. I love them:) that's why after hair school I'm going to college to become a vet tech if everything works out! 
   It's late and I gotta wake up early tomorrow.. Yippee school...
Oh here's a pic of the puppy! Isn't she the cutest thing?!