Friday, October 25, 2013

Tooth pull and the definition of extraordinary to me

                                   So since last time I updated a lot has happened!
So last weekend as you know I went up north and had doctors appointments! Joy don't you just love them docs? Well anyways so well we were up there they found infection. THE WORST POSSIBLE THING EVER!!!! I was not happy so we decided if we want to got the implant rout then we have to get rid of this infection and the only way to do that was to pull a tooth. Bam as soon as we got home we were hitting the ground sprinting getting from one doc to the next. Oh and during this whole time my face pain was starting to flare up thus the explanation for the whole trip. When ever I get face pain we never like to take a chance so we always get right on top of it. That's one good thing i guess from the infection! We get to spend plenty of time with the fam bam!
     Like I said as soon as we got home we were calling doctors to see what we could do about this infection; what antibiotics and other stuff that I needed to be taking, oh the joys! But the doctors concluded that the infection was lingering above a tooth and the only way to get rid of it was to pull the tooth. That's a big deal when it comes to that why? Because I already have so little bone in my face from my syndrome and its mostly around my teeth. So anytime we pull a tooth its like we are pulling bone out of my face. Dangerous. But alas there was nothing else to do but to pull the tooth if I wanted to get rid of my pain and enjoy myself for my Sadie's dance tomorrow! (girls ask boys dance) ( I have the best date ever might I add ;))
    Today was tooth extraction day! they put me out for it. I don't do well with any type of procedures so its better that way... Everything went good and now we just wait and see how it all turns out! Kinda nerve racking but it'll be okay:)
    The one topic I want to hit on tonight is: EXTRAORDINARY
 I have been called this numerous times. I don't mind being called it but honestly I'm not. We are all extraordinary in our own ways, yeah Ive had to deal with a ton of stuff at my young age but I don't get through it easily. Ive had my fair share of tears and fears. Yeah I fight through it but honestly its hard! Life isn't easy but we all have to fight through it:) as the wise Albus Dumbledore once said," It isn't our abilities that make us who we are but our choices". Its getting late and I'm not feeling the greatest so I think I will end on that! Remember we are all extraordinary in our own ways! thanks guys for reading!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Doctor update

  Well it's UEA hers aka fall break so what do we decide to do? Go visit some good'ol doctors in SLC. Not what I had in mind but hey, we all gotta do things we don't like. 
  Thursday we saw four doctors two of them were for my mouth stuff and the other two were for my new hearing aid. The mouth ones were kinda crazy. The first one we went to Dr. Lee wasn't very positive and kept saying we needed to go to a team out in California. Not that I had anything against Cali but I've worked through a team of doctors twice now and  neither times did it work. So he wasn't very helpful. My mom didn't like him that much either. However the second doctor was very good! He said if we wanted to get my teeth. Closer together that he could maybe pull out a couple of teeth because for every tooth that you pull supposedly three more teeth meet together. So he could build up some teeth with prosthetics then add some fake teeth. They wouldn't be a perfect match and it would take a long time. But right now it's looking like the best solution so he is going to take a look at my x-rays and talk to some other doctors and see if in the end this is the best solution! I sure hope it is cause I want to get this problem solved once and for all!! Love coming up north but when it's for a doctors weekend which most I the time it is then it's not that fun. 
    Oh I got a second BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) on the left side not so I have surround sound hearing! It's gonna take a lot of time to get use to it though. It's been giving me a horrible headache these past couple of days. But it makes sense because I've only heard sound from the right side never from the left. So I have to retrain my brain so it figures out that I can hear from both sides. They said it could take up to a year! Hopefully it doesn't take that long! We shall see though! 
  Hey it's getting a bit late and I gotta get up pretty early tomorrow!! Man I can't wait for day light savings!!
Night guys!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's been a while!

   Well life has been crazy busy so I really haven't had the time to update! Life is fun but like I said crazy busy! 
  Last weekend my girlfriends and I drove up north for General Confrence (worldwide lds meeting) it was such a awesome experience! Crazy driving around SLC, getting lost, eating at Cheesecake Factory and getting to hear the gospel from amazing examples in my life! I've had bad withdrawls from Salt Lake City ever since them but good thing is I'm going back up this weekend for some appointments! Not really happy to hit he doctors but hey I gotta do what I gotta do! 
  Oh quick medical update! So the next surgery that we were planning on doing, kind of our last hope fell through. We were going to do a prothesic jaw surgery which means they would have replaced my whole lower jaw with a fake one. But come to find out I have so little bone to even attach it to that it wouldn't work. So now we are a loss of what to do. Kinda of disappointing but I guess it's for the better! 
   On a brighter note my cat Katniss is pregnant and due to give birth anyday now!! Getting exciting! Any wait to see those little things! She's getting pretty uncomfortable at the moment so I've been holding her a lot and trying to help her. 
Me and her cuddling love this little rascal! Well I gotta go I have a church meeting that I have to go to! Thanks for all the support you given me!