Monday, May 1, 2017

Medical Life Update

    So as I promised a while back here is the medical update post. Ive been putting it off because I had more medical stuff come up and I wanted to get that all sorted out before I wrote about it.
   Last summer my parents and I did a medical Blitz the goal was to find a solution for my chronic pain and a way to help me chew. We found but not without a lot of doctors throwing their hands up, MRIS, CTS, Pictures, doctor visits, phone calls, and so much more. I'll write about the chronic pain first..
   Well we were on the Blitz in Baltimore ( all the doctors we saw were on the east side of the country) We saw a Dr. Dellon I think that's how you spell it. He is a nerve guy who I saw a couple years back in Las Vegas he travels between both states. Anyways we decided to do a follow up with him in Baltimore, right away he found where the source of my pain was coming from. It was quite the miracle because all the previous doctors I saw for this nerve pain have always thought it was in a different area. So he gave us the option to do a surgery to get rid of the pain.  I couldn't believe it we spent less than a hour in his office and he told me he could help me. The only problem was he didn't take our insurance, so I decided to think about it for a while because I knew it would cost a butt load of money that we didn't have. Fast forward about two months later approximately I had decided that I needed to do this surgery to get permanent relief from this pain ( I had another option to control it and I'll write about that next.) In order to get the money to do the surgery that I so desperately needed my dad decided to set up a go fund me page. Oh man I still get emotional about it within three days we raised the money. I couldn't believe it people from all over the world were donating people I had never even met! If you're reading this and you donated I thank you from the bottom of my heart this surgery would not have been possible without your generosity! We set the surgery date and we went and had it recovery was good not too bad I did have rough days but nothing I couldn't handle.
   So now comes the exciting part.. ( not really) when we were on the blitz we also saw a doctor that I've also seen in the past. Dr Matthews, I'm pretty sure Ive written about him in the pas but in case I haven't he is a world renowned craniofaical surgeon and an amazing guy.  This is where the other solution for my pain problem came from. So this doctor has a device called a Mi health ( ) that I've fallen in love with I'm not sure on the whole science behind it but I put the link in so if you're interested you can look at it.  Dr. Matthews also proposed a plan to help my jaw so I could have the ability to chew because at that moment I was basically on an all soft food diet. Not too fun when you're craving steak I might add.  His plan was to take two of my rib bones and over lay them to my jaw to create a ramus bone ( the long part of the jaw) and to help it heal we wired my jaw shut. Oh I hated that part! I decided to go ahead with this surgery and we set the date for December 22nd not one of the smartest decisions I've ever made I might add. To be in the hospital on Christmas is not the funnest.  I was in the hospital for about a week recovering had a rough time with the recovery. I came home to the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte. And the next morning my worst nightmare happened I got an infection on the left side of my jaw. We called the doctor and he came over to look at it, he had us meet him at his office so he could get a sample. It came to as puss so we went straight back to the hospital that night the next morning his partner Dr. Frank went in and cleaned it out.  I ended up staying another week trying to fight the infection and I think that was the hardest part for me. I was so weak until they found the right antibiotic I ended up getting a PICC line again 3rd time is the charm. But once they found the correct antibiotic I got tons better and was able to get out of the hospital. Just so you know this is a very condense version of North Carolina. I'll do another post on all the details and the emotional roller coaster.  So after having my mouth wired shut for a total of 8 weeks about and fighting the infection the whole time I was able to come home and start my life again. It was so great I can't even tell you what it's like to come home after an experience like that.
   But at work less than 2 months of coming home i managed to fracture the left side of my jaw which is the side that had the infection, so now I am going back to North Carolina next weekend and hopefully will be there only a week to do another bone graft and wire me shut again most likely. I'll come home wired shut and get unwired here in Salt Lake barring any complications.
  I know this isn't one of my best post but I figured I'd give you the run down on what's been happening medically. I'll do another post to update on the emotional roller coaster I promise.
If anybody has any feel free to ask!!

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  1. Good to hear more of the details Katie! Hope the follow up surgery is done and that you are back home again!